Tips to Walking in High Heels Without Serious Damage to Your Feet
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Tips to Walking in High Heels Without Serious Damage to Your Feet

Some tips from a foot care experts to wearing high heels without serious damage.

According to some scientist, the pain of discomfort felt after hours of exercising is known as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS).  The foot pain, which usually subsides within two to three days, is believed by them to caused by tiny tears in the muscle fibers.  This usually happens when the person engages in exercises that involve downhill running and lifting heavy weights.  Another cause is when the person is unaccustomed to the levels of physical training, like running an extra mile than usual.

Walking around in high heels can make you look taller and boost your self confidence, but it could be one of the factors leading to varicose veins.  According to a dermatologist, varicose veins are characterized by abnormally swollen dilated veins due to the congestion and pooling of blood in the enlarged superficial venous system.          

Wearing high heels has always been considered part of woman's beauty image, but it is not always foot-friendly.  According to podiatrists, wearing high heels  every day won't harm the feet long as your shoes fit well.  In fact, even heels that do hurt may leave you sore feet, but they won't do permanent damage to bone structure or cause bunions.  Furthermore, high-heeling it every day can gradually shrink your Achilles tendon, making flat shoes uncomfortable.  They recommend alternate days for wearing high heels and flat shoes to help keep tendons flexible.

             Wearing in high heels can make you look taller


Some tips from foot care experts to walking in high heels without serious damage to your feet.

1)  Be very particular about when you buy shoes.  Wear shoes that fit.

2)  Take off your high heels when they start to hurt.

3)  Be sure there's an index -finger width between toes and show tip.

4)  Avoid narrow pointed shoes if you have a wide foot.

              Avoid narrow pointed shoes if you have a wide foot


To avoid sore feet always warm up before any exercise and never forget to stretch.  Depending on the level of discomfort, you can continue your exercise program.  But if the pain is too much to bear, consult a doctor, he or she may advice you to ice the affected area or prescribe you with some over-the-counter drugs, such as paracetamol of ibuprofen.

              Never forget to stretch


More Foot Care:

1)  Trims straight across, and not too short.


2)   Wash your feet daily.  Rinse off all soap and dry thoroughly.

3)   Wear clean socks or stockings, changed daily and don't wear any that are too short or too tight.

4)  Some people's feet sweat more than others and more prone to athlete's foot.  Wear shoes made of leather for comfort.

Resources:   Bato Balani for Science & Technology

                     Woman Today

Additional resources:

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